Specialist Applications

Flare Line Repair

Repairs required to petro chemical plant main flare line. The main flare line required repairs to damaged…

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Petro Chemical Fire Mains

Repairs required to petro chemical plant main Fire Emergency Water line…

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Seppelts Great Western Pipes Reline

Seppelt’s Great Western is one of the iconic wineries in Victoria’s Northern wine district…

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Government House Pipe Corrosion

Further works completed to historical Government house requiring top level roof access via 80 Tonne crane…

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Freeway Stormwater Repair

Freeway network requiring drainage and storm water infrastructure repairs and pipe relining below road surface and u/ground services…

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Drain Repair Black Rock Beach

Large diameter 750mm storm water pipe had completely blown due to blockage by sand caused by storm surge tide damage.

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Commercial Sewer Reline

Trenchless rehabilitation of main sewer line under concrete slab in Retail Commercial Complex…

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Maroondah Sewer Reline

Repairs to sewer lines were required throughout Jubliee Park in the city of Maroondah…

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Government House Drains Reline

Historical National Trust icon suffering corrosion of cast iron internal wall cavity downpipes…

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Under Road Storm Water

Under Road stormwater network requiring drainage and infrastructure repairs…

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