7 Reasons To Get Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is the latest innovation in the plumbing industry. It provides a heap of benefits with hardly any of the disadvantages associated with traditional pipe repair.

For those who don’t know, pipe relining is the process whereby a tube is inserted into an existing pipe structure, inflated, and ‘glued’ to the interior of the pipe using an epoxy resin. The pipe has now been ‘relined’ with a strong interior.

But what are its benefits as compared to traditional pipe repair and replacement? The following are 7 reasons to get pipe relining.

1 – Less Disruptive

In order to understand the benefits of pipe relining, it’s best to contrast it with pipe replacement. Instead of digging up your home or garden, you can simply apply the trenchless pipe reline from an existing access point. There is no need for a lengthy and drawn out endeavour with lots of noise and headache attached to it.

2 – Faster

Because there is no need to dig a trench, the entire process is way faster than the traditional method. It can be done in a day. Digging a trench and replacing a pipe could be a 2 week process. n a world where time is money, this is a significant benefit.

3 – Environmentally Friendly

The tube and resin are environmentally friendly in a number of ways. First, you are not digging a trench and disrupting the landscape and wildlife. Second, the materials themselves are environmentally friendly without containing hazardous materials.  Third, you are saving on materials instead of installing a whole new pipe.

4 – Increased Flow Capacity

The inside of most pipes (iron, concrete, clay) is rough and jagged. The result is that these pipes are more susceptible to corrosion and water flow is poor due to the tiny holes. The smooth liner resolves this issue and assists the flow of fluids within the pipe.

5 – Increased Protection

With pipe relining, you are really getting another pipe that is thin, strong, and flexible. You still have the old pipe with an interior liner. This liner offers additional protection against tree roots, rodents, debris, and other hazards.

6 – Long Lasting

The epoxy resin can last between 50 – 100 years and many contractors offer a warranty on their products. Ultimately, you can get your existing pipe to last another 20 – 30 years by using pipe relining.

7 – Money Saver

Ultimately, all of these benefits add up to save you a lot of cash. There is no need for a trench. The process can be completed in as little as 24 hours. The material is long-lasting. You don’t have to purchase new pipes. In other words, you are saving on labour, materials, and time – 3 crucial elements.

The Bottom Line

These are 7 major reasons to avail of pipe relining. It’s really a no-brainer.

But to really take advantage of the benefits, you need to get a high-quality install with a licensed, insured, accredited, and reputable contractor like Mr Pipe Relining.

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