Government House Drains Reline

The Problem

Historical 200 yr old National Trust icon suffering corrosion of cast iron internal wall cavity downpipes. The original pipes had corroded over the years and were leaking causing damage to the internal plaster walls; paint was peeling off, plaster had become mouldy and was falling off. If left untreated, the leakage could cause structural integrity issues. Consulting engineers specified the Mr Pipe Relining PermalinerTM cured in place pipe relining system. Mr Pipe Relining are the exclusive Victorian licensee of this pipe relining system. Existing issues were that the Government House site is a heritage listed icon. Damage to any fittings or features had to be avoided at all costs. In addition remedial works had to be in keeping with the existing building, replacing the internal drainage system with external downpipes was not an option, down pipe multiple bends at rain heads had to remain in place. In addition the job required height access. Mr Pipe Relining had to work around the operational building including Hi-level VIP government functions, and satisfy security clearances. Noise, smell, dust, etc were major issues to be considered throughout works and had to be kept to a minimum. Even the surrounding lawns were heritage listed. No cranae or mechanical lifting was allowed hence manual load in and load out was required.

The Solution

Permaliner Pipe Relining was used throughout. All equipment was carried to the rooftop of the four level building and the entire works were done remotely from the rooftop. CCTV inspection of all pipes was initially done prior to commencement to determine scope of works. Next the Permaliner cured in place inversion system was applied. The beauty of this remote operated system meant that only one point of entry was needed per pipe, downpipes were relined right through to the main storm water pits. Some pipes threaded distances of 20 metres plus.

The Result

Works were done within allotted time frame, within nominated budget, no variations. The Downpipes no longer leak and drain to storm water pits, post CCTV inspection confirmed successful relining as specified. Client has since confirmed extra re-lining works from the top roof level which will require re-lining from the platform of a 80 tonne crane.

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