Government House Pipe Corrosion

The Problem

Further works completed to historical Government house requiring top level roof access via 80 Tonne crane. As per original works the pipes had corroded over the years and were leaking causing damage to the internal plaster walls. As Government House site is heritage listed damage to any fittings or features had to be avoided at all costs. Driving in an eighty tonne crane had to be done with extreme delicacy to minimise damage to grounds as the surrounding lawns were heritage listed as well, special permission was required for crane access.

The Solution

Permaliner Pipe Relining system used throughout. Equipment craned to top level rooftop via 80 Tonne crane. CCTV inspection of pipes done prior to commencement to determine scope of works. Next the Permaliner cured in place inversion system was applied. The beauty of this remote operated system meant that only one point of entry was needed per pipe, downpipes were relined right through to the main storm water pits. Some pipes threaded distances of 20 metres plus.

The Result

Works were done within allotted time frame, within nominated budget, no variations. Post CCTV inspection confirmed successful relining as specified.

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