Remote CCTV Expertise

Remote CCTV inspection and trenchless remediation permanently and quickly resolves pipe relining and repair.

As a part of diagnostic assessment Mr Pipe Relining use CCTV remote technology to scan pipe internals and determine cause of problem. Combined with Trenchless remediation complete pipe relining and repair can be permanently and quickly effected.

CCTV remote pipeline inspections are carried out prior to work being undertaken. Perma-Patch sectional repairs and systems also correct pipeline connection problems. Mr Pipe provide pipe re-lining of entire lengths, sectional relining, as well as patching. We service all types of pipe including PVC, VC, CI, Concrete or Asbsestos. Conversant with working within MAJOR HAZARD FACILITIES such as industrial and petro chemical plants. Visit Permaliner Australia site for more info –

One of the main factors in pipe relining and repairs is how well pipe internals can be observed. CCTV remote pipe inspection allows unobstructed views of what’s happening inside the pipe. The camera is pressurised, water proofed and sealed in a shock proof casing to ensure it can handle hazardous and toxic environments and remain operational.

Remote CCTV pipe inspections take place on location before repairs, relining or rehabilitation commences. The robotic equipment is monitored via laptop to view and produce comprehensive CCTV reports for client review. In-pipe robotic cutting equipment is also used to remove foreign or obstructive objects that may hinder the repair or relining process.

Mr Pipe Relining are experts at CCTV trenchless pipe inspection to discover the cause of pipe problems large and small.

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