Restaurant Sewer Reline

The Problem

A 350 seat bayside Restaurant and Function Venue required major sewer pipe relining to main sewerage service line. The use of modern 1/2 and full flow cisterns in commercial venues has created new problems with sewer systems. As the efficient toilets require less water to flush waste, pipes become more easily blocked due to lack of fluid flushing through. Excessive paper waste associated with different cultural toilet practices (known as nesting), also contributes to blockages and subsequent pipe breakages.

The Solution

The restaurant was faced with major excavations and disruption to service to fix the problem. Mr Pipe Relining however used remote CCTV inspection and trenchless relining meaning no excavation works were required and the normal trading and operation of the restaurant was able to continue uninterrupted.

The Result

The job was completed on time and on budget and critically no disruption to income was incurred due to unnecessary excavation works.

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