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Melbourne’s Most Trusted Drain Cleaning Experts

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Melbourne

Are you experiencing blocked drains in your Melbourne home or business?

More than an inconvenience, blocked drains can lead to damaged pipes, expensive repairs, significant disruptions to commercial activity, and health hazards from bacteria breeding grounds.

At Mr. Pipe Relining, we may be known for our swift and reliable pipe relining services, but we’re also your local experts when a blocked drain strikes. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked drain in your bathroom or kitchen, or a significant blockage in your commercial setting, we have the tools and the team to help.

Using the latest in drain cleaning technology, we offer a range of services from remote CCTV scans to no-dig pipe relining to ensure your drains are cleared and cleaned with minimal fuss and without surprise add-ons or charges.

From blocked swerve drains to stormwater drains, residential blockages, and emergency drain cleaning throughout Melbourne, we’re ready to solve any complex pipe relining or repair problems.

Call us now on (03) 9331 6633 for help or request a fast and FREE quote online.

How do I know if I need drain cleaning?

Plumbing problems can often occur out of sight. This makes it difficult to spot signs of trouble, often until it’s too late. Thankfully, there is a range of warning signs to keep your eye out for.

If you spot any familiar scenarios below, get in touch with your local Melbourne plumber for support.

  • Slow drains: Are you waiting *forever* for sinks, bathtubs, and showers to drain? Obstacles may be clogging your drain with hair, grease, soap scum, and other foreign items common.
  • Bad odours: Unpleasant smells in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry may be a sign of blocked drains. Whether stuck waste, gas, or bacteria, you’ll need to organise a service ASAP.
  • Gurgling Sounds: A blocked drain will often gurgle as the air becomes trapped and is forced through your pipes. Whether from a drain, toilet, or pipe, a gurgling sound is your cue to call a local Melbourne drain cleaner.
  • Frequent Clogs: You had a clogged drain last week but thought you’d cleared it – now there’s another problem! DIY efforts may provide short-term relief, but you’ll need a professional if the drain needs cleaning at a deeper level.

When it comes to your home or business’ plumbing, it’s better to act too early than too late. You schedule your car for regular service and stop by the GP for check-ups, so organise a drain cleaning assessment to keep your pipes running smoothly.

Worried about blockages? Here are the top 5 causes of blocked drains [and how to fix them!!!]

How long does it take to clean a drain?

In short – “it depends”.

The blockage and amount of cleaning required will impact the length of your service. It’s tempting to head to Woolies or Coles and buy the cheapest drain cleaner. However, supermarket drain cleaners are often caustic and can destroy your drains and pipes from the inside.

At Mr. Pipe Relining, we utilise a range of innovative diagnostic and tools to keep disruption to a minimum and clean your drains for good.

Melbourne’s specialists are only a phone call away…

When it comes to your pipes, even the smallest blockage can have significant consequences. That’s why the Mr. Pipe Relining team is available 24 hours a day whether you need help at 2pm or 2am.

Using our state-of-the-art CCTV scanning technology and high-pressure equipment, we can clean the most stubborn build-ups of grime and muck from your drains. The result? Immediate clearing of debris, no harsh chemicals on your property, and zero disruptive diggings or excavation required.

When you’re looking to save money, save time, and save the headaches that come with frequently blocked drains, get in touch with a member of our experienced team. Whether you’re checking out our satisfied testimonials, or putting our competitive prices to the test, we’re committed to your 100% customer satisfaction.

Call (03) 9331 6633 for help or request a fast and FREE quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Melbourne Drain Cleaning

How can I prevent blockages?

Prevention is better than a cure. To see less of your local Melbourne plumber, get in the habit of regular preventative maintenance. This only requires a little change in your approach and a handful of minutes each week. We recommend:

  • Taking care of what goes into sinks, toilets, and drains: Scrape leftovers in the bin before rinsing dishes. Avoid large chunks of hair going into the shower drain. Don’t flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet.
  • Consider a drain catcher: A drain catcher can stop large items from entering your drains and causing blockages. Super simple, but super effective.
  • Pour hot water down your drains: Regularly pouring boiling water down your drains can help dissolve fats, grease, and clogged objects without the same acidic damage caused by store-bought cleaners.

Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes! We understand the trust that’s required to allow a tradesperson into your home or business. That’s why our entire team is fully licensed and insured. For your peace of mind, we also hold a long list of accreditations and memberships including the Master Plumbers Association, and are ISO Certified.

What are the most common drain blockages?

It’s easy to forget about the role your pipes play in bringing water in and out of your Melbourne home or business. But there is actually a range of possible causes of blocked drains, so it helps to know what to look out for.

Common reasons your drains may need cleaning include:

  • Non-flushable foreign objects
  • Tree roots
  • Sludge
  • Sediment
  • Food waste
  • Grease, fat & oil
  • Hair
  • Soap scum

What other services do you offer?

Unlike general plumbers who attempt to be a jack of all trades, we are highly specialised in what we do. Working with pipes and drains, there’s no problem we haven’t encountered. Explore our range of services below:

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Extensive Qualifications & Accreditations

We have a long list of accreditations and industry memberships, including the Master Plumbers Association and ISO Certified.

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Licenced & Insured

All of our technicians are 100% licenced and insured to perform plumbing services.

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ISO Certified

We are ISO Certified plumbers.

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We offer a number of specialist applications including, flare line repair, petrochemical fire mains repair, and concrete repair.

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We work with residential, commercial, industrial, councils, civils and property managers.

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We’ve worked on the Government House Drains Reline, the Maroondah Sewer Reline, and the Seppelts Great Western Pipes Reline.

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