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Advanced Remote CCTV Scan

Remote CCTV Scan

Remote CCTV Scan

Remote CCTV inspection and trenchless remediation permanently and quickly resolves pipe relining and repair.

As a part of diagnostic assessment Mr Pipe Relining use CCTV remote technology to scan pipe internals and determine cause of problem. Combined with Trenchless remediation complete pipe relining and repair can be permanently and quickly effected.

CCTV remote pipeline inspections are carried out prior to work being undertaken. Perma-Patch sectional repairs and systems also correct pipeline connection problems. Mr Pipe provide pipe re-lining of entire lengths, sectional relining, as well as patching. We service all types of pipe including PVC, VC, CI, Concrete or Asbsestos. Conversant with working within MAJOR HAZARD FACILITIES such as industrial and petro chemical plants.

One of the main factors in pipe relining and repairs is how well pipe internals can be observed. CCTV remote pipe inspection allows unobstructed views of what’s happening inside the pipe. The camera is pressurised, water proofed and sealed in a shock proof casing to ensure it can handle hazardous and toxic environments and remain operational.

Remote CCTV pipe inspections take place on location before repairs, relining or rehabilitation commences. The robotic equipment is monitored via laptop to view and produce comprehensive CCTV reports for client review. In-pipe robotic cutting equipment is also used to remove foreign or obstructive objects that may hinder the repair or relining process.

Mr Pipe Relining are experts at CCTV trenchless pipe inspection to discover the cause of pipe problems large and small.

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View Sample CCTV Win Can report (pdf download)

Advanced Remote CCTV Scan

The only legitimate way to know what to do with your pipes is through a CCTV scan. The CCTV scan is essentially a miniature ‘robot’ that we send down the pipe system to map out where all of the problems are. It also helps as we can see where the pipe angles and curves as well as spotting any debris. Having this information at hand is the difference between an easy or difficult resolution process.

Because knowing that you have a problem is only the first step. The next step is to identify the exact type of problem and the exact location of the problem. There are different solutions to different issues, and only the remote CCTV scan can identify where they are and what they consist of.

For specialized and advanced remote CCTV scans of your internal pipe system, call the experts now at (03) 9331 6633.

Are remote CCTV scans expensive?

In the larger scale of things, CCTV scans are quite affordable. Consider that you are able to quickly and directly identify the exact problem. This saves a lot of time and a lot of guesswork. Also, cheaper is not always better. You can get a remote CCTV scan that does not provide the level of detail that our robotic technology can handle.

How long does the Remote CCTV Scan take?

This can vary depending on how long the pipe system is. Generally, it takes less than two hours once all of the equipment is in place and setup.

How are the findings reported to the client?

You will be given the same camera footage that we observed. The same footage will contain a detailed list of findings and analysis related to the pipe system. For most clients, the level of detail is too much but some people will want to investigate these findings and even get a second opinion. Which is perfectly fine with us.

What software do you use?

We currently use a software known as ‘WinCam’ which provides comprehensive reports on CCTV drain inspections. It is easy to use and customizable. Broadly speaking, the defects found will be placed in 5 categories. 5 is the worst and needs immediate repair, 1 is the best and is in top working condition. But the analysis itself will provide information on multiple aspects of pipe control. Unless you are interested in plumbing, you will probably find it boring!

How does the remote CCTV scan process work?

The process is quite straightforward. The miniature camera is first pressurized and sealed so it is untouched by hazardous materials in the pipe. The camera produces a live feed back to our laptop where we can analyze the internal mechanics of the pipes. It is best to clean the pipe first so that the camera is not stopped due to blockages.

What happens if blockages are found?

The report will indicate what the problems are and where they can be found. It will also indicate how serious the problem is. Some problems will require immediate attention. The optimal solution is typically the same but with more specificity. A hydro jet for debris and robotic cutting for larger blockages, followed by pipe relining on the affected areas. We can also apply patches to specific areas where extensive relining is not necessary.

Why should I work with Mr Pipe for my remote CCTV scan?

We are experienced in working with major hazard facilities and have an extensive list of qualifications and accreditations. All of our operatives are licenced and insured to work with remote CCTV scans and to perform pipe relining where necessary. We are members of the main associations associated with plumbing and are compliant with all major standards.

To work with experienced professionals for a remote CCTV scan, call us on (03) 9331 6633 today.

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