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Powerful Trenchless Pipe Relining Melbourne

Trenchless Pipe Relining Melbourne

Trenchless Pipe Relining Melbourne

Trenchless pipe relining is one of the best modern innovations in pipe repair and replacement. It allows for cracks in pipes to be effectively sealed off without digging into the ground and disrupting everyday activity. It is cheaper, quicker, and more convenient.

But you can only really avail of these benefits when you use an established service like Mr Pipe Relining. Many new companies and general plumbers have started experimenting with pipe relining but do not have the expertise to ensure your pipe is maintained for the next 50 years or longer.

The quality of the installation is incredibly important. For instance, if the pipe is not cleaned out properly prior to the hardening of the resin, your liner will not be truly sealed. While trenchless pipe relining is often a superior alternative, the fact is that there are not many businesses that specialize in this niche area. And you really don’t want to experiment with a novice. They might use inferior quality materials or fail to correctly scan or clean the pipe.

For specialized trenchless pipe relining, call Mr Pipe now on (03) 9331 6633.

What is trenchless pipe relining?

Usually, when replacing pipes, a trench is dug to access the pipe in the first place. This was grossly inefficient and cost-prohibitive to consumers. Trenchless pipe relining allows the plumber to install an internal liner using a tube and an adhesive. Viola! The pipe has been relined with a strong interior sealing. You can think of it as a hard and durable pipe on the inside of the damaged outer pipe.

How long does the trenchless pipe relining last?

This depends on the warranty offered by the manufacturer of the epoxy resin. Generally, however, trenchless pipe relining can last 50 years or longer if it is well maintained. This depends on the quality of the install as well as other factors – no resin will withstand an earthquake.

When is trenchless pipe relining appropriate?

Trenchless pipe relining is appropriate in any situation where you believe that the pipes have been compromised. Using a CCTV scan, the plumber can identify the area of cracks inside the pipe system. The interior liner will only need to be applied in a particular area. In other words, unless the damage to your pipe is major, pipe relining is appropriate. While there are innovative ways to install the interior lining, in some instances it is simply not possible.

What are the drawbacks/disadvantages of trenchless pipe relining?

There are no real drawbacks/disadvantages of trenchless pipe relining. However, it must be borne in mind that the quality of installation is paramount. There are not many companies that offer trenchless pipe relining. The relevant qualifications and licenses are mandatory, and significant experience is also required. It is a relatively new field.

How long does trenchless pipe relining take?

The entire process can be completed in less than a day, sometimes two. This is a lot less than the time needed to perform a pipe replacement. And given that the pipe should last 30 – 50 years, it’s certainly a good trade-off time-wise.

What sets Mr Pipe Relining apart from competitors?

There are many points through which we are distinguished from competitors. A major point of differentiation is our focus on pipe relining as opposed to general plumbing services. Because we focus primarily on one area, our level of expertise is vastly increased. We’ve also networked with a lot of leaders in this specific industry and are trusted by many reputable organizations.

We have worked on a number of large scale projects such as the Government House Drains Reline, the Maroondah Sewer Reline, and the Seppelts Great Western Pipes Reline.

We have a sound list of qualifications and memberships that can attest to our knowledge. We could go on – we’re more than confident with our expertise and standard of customer care when it comes to pipe relining and pipe repair.

For powerful trenchless pipe relining call us now on (03) 9331 6633.

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