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Pipe Relining Solutions To Melbourne Homes & Businesses

Mr Pipe Relining are plumbing specialists that offer solutions to a diverse array of clients throughout Melbourne. We work with clients of varying sizes and across industries. This gives us a broader range of knowledge and allows us to expand while also helping out our customers.

No job is too big or small – we are simply interested in providing the best service with a straightforward solution. Efficiency is a keyword in our business model. The following are the client sectors we have worked with throughout Melbourne:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Plumbers & Civils
  • Councils
  • Strata Managers
  • Property Managers

While we do projects of all sizes, we have extensive experience working on larger sites that include hazardous materials such as petrochemical plants. Our operatives have special training and qualifications to handle these projects. The specializations include Major Hazards Facility Training & Explosive Environment Training.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we can’t reline a pipe for a small residential home in Melbourne! It just means we have an extensive list of qualifications and expertise to get it done faster and in a more direct manner.

What major projects have you worked on?

Mr Pipe Relining has worked on a number of major projects. The biggest of them include the Government House Drain Reline, the Maroondah Sewer Reline, and the Seppelts Great Western Pipes Reline. The Seppelts Great Western Pipe Reline was especially difficult with pipes that were heavily corroded or simply non-existent. But we still finished the project on time using a lot of creative solutions – and our client was happy to ask us for further work.

Why not work with only big clients?

We have the capacity to work on multiple projects, with a huge team and the best equipment on the market. A pipe reline on a residential home can be completed within 24 hours (after the CCTV drain scan has been completed). In any case, it is not our ethos to work only on major industrial projects, even if this is where we have the most experience.

Do you provide different solutions for different clients?

Yes, but this is not really dependent on the sector. The pipe reline will depend on factors including the extent of the damage, the total area of the pipe, the material of the pipe, the diameter of the pipe, access levels, and other criteria. Whether you are a residential or commercial client is irrelevant in this regard. What is relevant is if the pipe involves hazardous work such as industrial plants where the network of pipes is extensive. There is increased risk and increased safety procedures and more thought involved. But even here, the pipe has to be relined or replaced, and that is what we do.

Do you need different licencing for different sectors?

There are different areas of plumbing, but pipe relining requires only a general license. All of our technicians will have their plumbing licence from the VBA as well as the necessary insurance. They are then differentiated on their extra qualifications, accreditations, and certifications as opposed to licences. In other words, different licences are not necessary for different sectors. However, there are different regulatory standards per industry, and we pay strict attention to them.

What services do you provide?

We offer trenchless pipe relining to the following areas:

  • Under Buildings – Office and high-rise, shopping centres, car parks, schools and educational facilities
  • UnderWater – Underwater drainage assets such as main beach stormwater drains
  • Municipal – Drainage and sewer mains for council assets such as parks & sports grounds
  • Stormwater – Stormwater drains including under roads, freeways and highways
  • Heritage – Heritage Australia listed buildings stormwater and sewer repair
  • Internal Downpipes & HVAC – Repairs to leaking internal downpipes and building systems
  • Industrial Plants – Large petrochemical and industrial plant pipe systems

In other words, we offer a lot of services to various client sectors. If you’d like to avail of our professional pipe relining solutions in Melbourne, give us a call on (03) 9331 6633 today.

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Why Choose
Mr Pipe Relining

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Extensive Qualifications & Accreditations

We have a long list of accreditations and industry memberships, including the Master Plumbers Association and ISO Certified.

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Licenced & Insured

All of our technicians are 100% licenced and insured to perform plumbing services.

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ISO Certified

We are ISO Certified plumbers.

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Specialized Services

We offer a number of specialist applications including, flare line repair, petrochemical fire mains repair, and concrete repair.

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Open To All Clients

We work with residential, commercial, industrial, councils, civils and property managers.

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Experienced in Large
Scale projects

We’ve worked on the Government House Drains Reline, the Maroondah Sewer Reline, and the Seppelts Great Western Pipes Reline.

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Exceptional Quality
of Workmanship

All Mr Pipe clients are more than satisfied with our extremely high level of craftsmanship. Our products are built to last.

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Superb Customer Service

We are a customer-centric business open for communication 24 hours a day.

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Available Nationwide

We can deploy our crew to provide essential plumbing services regardless of your location in Australia.

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100% Compliant

We are 100% compliant with all of the plumbing codes and standards in Australia.

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